Sandals Foundation

SandalsScreenshotSandals Resorts International has its own internal marketing department as well as several PR firms on retainer.

However, when it came to its newly created nonprofit foundation they turned to the nonprofit branding and communications experts at SHOESTRING.

Our chief creative officer led the branding efforts, giving the foundation’s logo a needed nonprofit makeover, as well as a compelling new tagline: “Our Promise. Our Caribbean.”

Additional services included copywriting for brochures and press kit development.

Additionally, SHOESTRING led the Sandals Foundation in its media relations in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake as they worked to raise funds to assist the survivors. More than $150,000 was raised as a result. SHOESTRING also worked as part of the team that developed the new Sandals Foundation website (

SHOESTRING staff worked with the PR firm’s contracted by Sandals Resorts International, to create newsworthy press releases and teach the difference between “tourism” PR and real journalism-style press releases that would get the attention of news outlets other than industry publications. The result was a completely different approach to all of the foundation’s media relations (in contrast with the tourism PR). Read a press release written for the Sandals Foundation.

Creative Director: Hannah Brazee Gregory

Project Support: Ann Lundquist

Illustrator (sand dollar): Bob Cram


SHOESTRING (name and logo) is a registered trademark.