Graphic Design for Nonprofits
Brainstorming Planning Partnership Strategy Workstation Business The Shoestring Agency provides high-end, comprehensive graphic design services for nonprofits. But we are not a design firm. What do we mean by this? Graphic design is an art form, while effective communication requires strategy. Bringing the two together for amazing results requires experience. Almost every client project we lead requires some sort of graphic design support (and our skills in this area are evident when viewing our portfolio). But, unlike design firms and other agencies, our approach is not design-centric. We focus on strategy and goals first, and sometimes the supporting elements include beautiful graphic design. But we are not just a design firm. By offering a huge range of services under one roof, we provide the most cost-effective (and expert) nonprofit services around. No matter what need is uncovered while working with Shoestring Agency, we have the capacity to fulfill it. It is one of the many things that make us so valuable to the nonprofits we are privileged to serve. Check out the links to the left to see some sample client projects or contact us to learn more.  
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