Nonprofit Media Relations + News Management
iStock_000017336349_Large Every single Shoestring Agency client is a nonprofit organization and we therefore have no corporate interests. We never contact the media pitching commercial products or fluff pieces. As a result, we are well-respected by the media and have a unique and special working relationship. We connect them with expert sources at nonprofit organizations, without any interference from for-profit clients. As a result, they are more likely to pick up the phone when we call and be responsive to our email messages. We also have substantial resources available to us that are normally only available to nonprofit clients of high-priced PR firms. We offer all our clients access to these resources at substantially reduced rates compared to other firms. These resources include:
  • Journalist Query Service
  • Expert Index Database Entries
  • Media Databases, Contact Management and Press Release Distribution
  • Web-Optimized Press Releases
  • News Tracking + Analysis
  • Custom Media Lists
  • Creative, Custom Pitches to Key Media Contacts
  • Press Kits (Online + Physical)
  • Utilization of Social Media to Engage Journalists
Sampling of coverage gained for our nonprofit clients: Sampling of press releases we have prepared for our nonprofit clients: SHOESTRING also specializes in creating Nonprofit Newswires™ for clients. For an example, go to   Click on the links provided in the left-hand column to see some examples of our work or contact us to learn more.
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