Nonprofit Strategy + Planning
bricksesposed681 Everything we do builds a stronger foundation not just for marketing but for the organization itself. Our agency does not just design a website or distribute a single press release without first developing a custom strategy that will meet clear objectives. No cookie cutter approaches here. We don’t launch into the fun stuff before we do the hard homework. (And we don’t cut corners because you are a nonprofit organization. We only work with nonprofits.) Our strategic process develops marketing strategies to ATTRACT each of your nonprofit audience segments to your cause, APPEAL to them through information and persuasion and move them to ACT in their own power to support your organization. We also believe that everything we do should not make you reliant on our agency, but rather increase the capacity of your organization — now and in the future. As part of the process we take into account your internal resources, policies and procedures. There is no point in creating plans that cannot be executed well and embraced by all levels of the organization. The work we do today should lay a foundation and make your job tomorrow easier. Tying the work into your organization’s strategic plan is key. Understanding how nonprofit organizations operate — and understanding your nonprofit specifically — is part of the best practices we have developed specifically for nonprofit marketing or branding projects. The marketing plans and campaigns we develop focus on desired outcomes, with results measurement build in. A new logo or website is not an outcome. A campaign’s creativity is not a measurement. We work with our clients to determine the end goals no matter how large or small a project is (and sometimes the project envisioned from the onset isn’t what was needed all along). Our agency takes the investment in our services extremely seriously, and understands that every penny spent should be directly connected to fulfilling the mission of the nonprofit we are serving. Brainstorming campaign slogans can be fun, but this is serious work. See the sample projects listed in the links to the left or contact us to learn more. With any Shoestring Agency service, you will receive a sound strategic process. But if you need in-depth strategy and planning, some of our strategic marketing services include:
  • Research
  • Marketing Plans
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Communications Audit
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Media Planning + Launch
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategic Planning Integration
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