New England Foundation for the Arts

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New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) of Boston, Massachusetts creatively supports the movement of people, ideas, and resources in the arts within New England and beyond, make vital connections between artists and communities, and build the strength, knowledge, and leadership of the region’s creative sector. NEFA developed and launched an online public database originally called New England Culture Database which contained free financial, demographic, geographic, and other information/data about cultural nonprofits, businesses, and professionals in New England. However, this valuable online resource had never been marketed regionally and had little awareness or marketing savvy. The database needed a marketing plan, a new brand name and a regional marketing & advertising campaign to get the word out to its market segments. The Shoestring Agency team developed  a comprehensive marketing plan and devised a very appealing and catchy new name called CultureCount in 2007. The marketing campaign was then developed and was comprised of public radio ads, web advertising, Google Adwords and public relations which created a strong spike in daily web visits and database usage by the public.      
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