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The Shoestring Agency completed a rebranding project for the Society for Nonprofits, complete with a full makeover of the beloved Nonprofit World magazine. The rebranding included a revamping of the nonprofit’s logo and a shortening of its name (formerly “The Society for Nonprofit Organizations”). The launch of the new logo and tagline corresponds with the organization’s 30th anniversary. The new tagline, “Advancing the nonprofit world together,” will mark the occasion by adding “for 30 years.” With a long history and more than 6,000 members, the Society for Nonprofits is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit management support organizations in the country. Not only did the Society for Nonprofits turn to The Shoestring Agency when it came time for a new logo — they completed their new look with us redesigning their beloved Nonprofit World magazine. After the rebranding and magazine redesign, Shoestring Agency undertook a comprehensive strategic marketing plan process to identify opportunities to build their future capacity as well as developed new messaging for the Society for Nonprofits. CLIENT QUOTE:

“I can’t thank Shoestring enough for all of their hard work and attention to detail. We love our new look, and the feedback from our members has been overwhelmingly positive. From top to bottom, Shoestring found creative ways to borrow elements from our past and weave them into a new package that is fresh while still recognizable as the Society. Their passion and knowledge of the nonprofit sector is obvious, and I don’t think we could have found a better fit to help us celebrate our 30th anniversary.”

Sincerely, Jason Chmura Membership Director, Society for Nonprofits

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