Nonprofit Web Design + Development
designer drawing website development wireframe A WEBSITE IS MORE THAN JUST A WEBSITE — ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A NONPROFIT. If done correctly, a website actively serves your mission while increasing the capacity of your organization. Our approach of applying branding and communication strategies to nonprofit web design and development projects provides more value than what most traditional web design firms can offer. A website for your nonprofit can be strategically developed by our team to effectively deliver your brand and mission to your key audiences. Not only will you receive an innovative, appealing new website, but extra attention will be included in your branding and communications strategies. The website will also be developed utilizing key communications strategies that will enable visitors to guide through information efficiently to aid ease-of-use in a simple, straightforward way. And we build nonprofit websites with two different innovative solutions. WordPress CMS (Content Management System) enabling anyone on your team to have the ability to make content updates on your website, saving you ongoing or future maintenance costs in the future. The Shoestring Agency is a certified architect of NationBuilder which is an operating system for communities to fulfill a purpose is to build and sustain a community of people around a shared mission and grow your community and lead them to action. We will also integrate your site with your presence on social media and search engine optimization (SEO) is included. Use the links in the sidebar at the left to see some sample website projects or contact us to learn more.  
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