Nonprofit Videos on Shoestring Budgets
videoproduction People connect to powerful, emotional content and story-telling. Videos used for story-telling are proven to engage us and keep us interested in your mission or cause – and are very engaging vehicles for social media. In 2014 alone, video marketing campaigns for nonprofits generated 670 million views (a conservative number considering the volume of smaller nonprofits in the sector). We find solutions to overcome budget limitations for our clients. And when it comes to video production, creativity and experience is the is the key to making this possible. Whether there is a budget for a shoot or we need to utilize existing materials, we will find a way to use video to tell your story in a compelling way. We can provide all of the planning, writing, interviewing, on-site shooting and post production necessary for any video project (big or small). Don’t think a video project is within your nonprofit’s budget? Contact us to find out how we can make it possible. Use the links in the sidebar at the left to see some sample video projects.
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