Relationships First

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RF350Relationships First is a nonprofit cause on a mission to improve lives—and therefore the world—by making relationships better. The founders of the campaign hired The Shoestring Agency to develop the name and brand for the new national endeavor. Working alongside world-famous musician Alanis Morissette, the name “Relationships First” was born, as well as the slogan “Imagine a world where everyone puts relationships first.” A tagline was also developed to strengthen the brand: “Better Relationships. Better Lives. Better World.” Each ring in the icon represents one aspect of the tagline… which is powerful, especially when animated in videos (such as the one featured below, which was produced along with director Chris Brickler and his production company Xlantic). Our agency also lead messaging development, web design, print materials and digital PR (both showcased above). This included the creation of original articles for the organization’s content-focused website. The founders include best-selling authors such as Harville Hendrix, John Gottman, Daniel Siegel, Sue Johnson and Stan Tatkin. Joined by world-famous musician Alanis Morissette, social entrepreneur Scott Beck and others — Relationships First is positioned to make a true impact on our culture and create better relationships, better lives and a better world. In addition to collateral materials, The Shoestring Agency also designed an experiential exhibit booth (showcased above) at the conference where the organization was announced. Results The results are under a 6 month campaign time frame (from public launch) 
  • Sign-ups joining the campaign: 1,600 + Therapists
  • 1,800+ Facebook followers/ Average Facebook post reach:  6,000 + in March 2014
  • 430 surveys completed with therapists
  • The video (on Vimeo) was watched 1,372 times since it was loaded
The campaign movement transitioned from more than 30 founders to 2 founders in 2015. The campaign is currently not active today which has no relationship to the marketing of the campaign, rather due to an internal founder reconfiguration. But it may revive again one day by the new founders.
Name and logo is a registered trademark.
The Shoestring Agency (the nonprofit's agency)