Action on Smoking & Health

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The Shoestring Agency developed and launched a new website for ASH (Action on Smoking & Health) which included a full rebranding of the organization complete with a new logo and tagline (“Global action for everyone’s health”). Shoestring Agency worked with the organization to conduct a full branding audit which resulted in the new look and messaging for the well-established DC nonprofit. The Shoestring Agency also developed all of the copy for the new website, which created a new “voice” for ASH. The new website project also included the development of an interactive web-based U.S. map that presents all annual tobacco campaign contributions for each state’s congressional districts. The map—which was developed with Google Maps technology with a SHOESTRING technology partner—presents how much specific state representatives have received from big tobacco in 2012. The map enables users view select contributions for all 435 U.S. congressional districts as well as U.S. Senators. Users can simply click on their home districts and see how much tobacco money their elected representatives have accepted. ASH had the map developed as an ongoing service to the public and as an aid to voters in time for this year’s elections. According to ASH, the tobacco industry has always been a major player in congressional campaigns and the ASH tobacco campaign contribution map highlights just how pervasive tobacco money is in politics. ABOUT ASH: Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) has a long and successful history of advocacy, education and legal initiatives in the fight against tobacco. ASH uses the powers of science and law to protect health above the interests of the tobacco industry. ASH has fought for health in courts, before legislative bodies and regulatory agencies, as well as international agencies such as the United Nations and the World Health Organization. ASH’s work and the work of its allies has spanned more than 40 years. Since the release of the original Surgeon General Report on smoking in January 1964, the global initiative for the prevention of tobacco-related damages has made enormous progress—and ASH has played a major role in achieving this progress.
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