Nonprofit Branding
Idea and solution concept A nonprofit brand is so much more than your logo. Throughout the past 20 + years, we have developed a unique and effective branding process for nonprofits. It jump-starts strategic thinking and unifies organizations as they work together with us. Any designer can create a logo. But only nonprofit marketing experts can develop a complete nonprofit brand. We begin by doing our homework and getting to know your organization through a branding and communications audit process (that also ends up with nonprofits getting to know themselves better). Our work does not result in a new logo or “design” — it results in an increased capacity for the entire nonprofit organization. It lays a foundation for all future marketing communications projects, making the investment last as long as the organization itself. All branding projects are led by our founder Hannah Brazee Gregory, who is a leading national expert in nonprofit branding and a sought-after speaker and workshop trainer on the subject. Check out the sample projects listed at the left, or contact us to learn more.
“The Shoestring Agency's keen understanding of our organization’s mission, as well as their ability to clearly convey and amplify our vision are why we keep coming back to them year after year to handle our communications and public relations needs. We feel their commitment to our cause, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our projects are a success.”
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