Portland Food Coop
The Portland Food Co-op brings local producers and consumers together in a member-owned marketplace to grow a healthier community and a more sustainable food system. The organization hired the SHOESTRING team prior to kicking a major membership campaign called “Let’s Open the Doors” that would help raise membership funds to build and open their first state-of-the-art retail store in Portland, Maine. But the Co-op needed a true, professional and appealing website to better present their mission & values and a strong campaign to attract at least 1,200 new members to meet its financial campaign goals. And they needed the website to be launched in under six weeks to meet the campaign launch date. The team at the Portland Food Co-op wanted a website look and feel that was not flashy and large, but offered a strong design appeal with imagery that celebrated their member owners and their commitment to healthy food. They also required dynamic membership sign-up forms and a member’s only area. Within about seven months the Portland Food Co-op reached its goal with 1,400 total members. Their new retail store opened earlier than planned in late 2014 and today they have over 2,300 members and growing.   *************************************NOTE SHOW HOME PAGE and ERIC will have a rate card he designed
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