Special Ops Survivors – Rebranding
The United Warrior Survivor Foundation became ‘Special Ops Survivors‘ after a comprehensive 10-month rebranding and strategic branding initiative, led by SHOESTRING. Our agency worked closely with the decision makers — and most importantly the survivors this organization serves — to determine the nonprofit’s new name. From there, the logo and tagline and new “look” for the organization was developed. Every opinion was considered and every detail was carefully thought out. The logo icon captures three key elements in one simple design: a circle, embracing arms and the tip of a spear – which is the recognized symbol of the Special Ops community. The circle design conveys how the organization makes those it serves feel – they literally embrace the survivors. A circle also illustrates a sense of wholeness and strength. Blue was chosen as the logo color because it is not only a color from the American flag, but it communicates tradition and hopeful futures. I am very proud of the new name and logo and salute this organization for making such an important change that moves its mission forward. Learn about all of the services we have provided Special Ops Survivors.
Name and logo is a registered trademark.
The Shoestring Agency (the nonprofit's agency)